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Twiga Vision Tanzania


Twiga Vision Tanzania (TVT) is a local non-government organisation based in Arusha, Tanzania. TVT is registered under the NGO act No. 24 of 2002, and its registration number is ooNGO/00006791. Its umbrella goals are to promote education, combat poverty, raise awareness on health-related issues and improve self-awareness and self-esteem among community members. We mainly target women and youths
We currently have our main office in Arusha, and have embarked on small projects such as local primary and secondary schools, adult English lessons, providing members of the community with training on various issue facing them, and the Nyongeza Fund program, designed to support small businesses and create opportunity.
Mission and vision:
Our vision is to enable local communities to achieve individual and collective goals with regards to essential life skills such as food, health education and settlements.
Our mission is to provide sustainable development to local Tanzanian communities.



EXIS is your ticket to put together a different kind of travel experience. EXIS got started in 1982 with restlessness and an urge to ramble – before globalization was a household word and the world could be Googled in five seconds. EXIS made sure nearly 30 years ago that Danish au pairs could drink tea on the High Street in London – and now offers unique language study and voluntary work on five continents. You can probably still be an au pair, but a lot of travellers think it is just as exciting to tend elephants in Sri Lanka, help out at an orphanage in Costa Rica, work with Masai women in Tanzania, teach English to young Buddhist monks in Thailand or work on conservation in the Grand Canyon, USA. EXIS’ philosophy is still the same – to make it possible for you to satisfy your curiosity and thirst for adventure. We work with partners all over the world to build the most secure starting gate for unique experiences – and you take it from there! Forget all about the world getting smaller. It’s bigger than ever and right within your reach. Join the world... it's yours !

One World 365


Search rewarding volunteering programs worldwide with One World 365 where you can help communities, wildlife and the environment.



OIKOS is a non-profit volunteering organisation founded in 1979 for protecting and studying the environment. It works internationally on environmental problems in big cities on defence and the reintegration of woods, especially mediterranean ones. Oikos staff consists of experts in various subjects and volunteers participate at work camps and long-time volunteer projects. A large part of Oikos work is focused on communication, networks, cognitive features, in order to grasp a systemic vision of the ecological crisis. Volunteers will be involved in all our outdoor activities and there will be space for their ideas. Main duties involve work in Biological horticulture and general maintenance. Long-term volunteers can be involved in administration work also. We may be able to accept a volunteers with an offending background, depending on the offence, the work and the background of the other volunteers.



Organisation for Strategic Development in Africa (OSDA) is a home grown, not-for-profit organisation, that is committed to bringing accelerated development to deprived communities in Africa, through Education, Capacity Building and Health programmes.

We believe our first responsibility is to deprived communities and the less privileged in society, and also our development partners, both in the public and private sector.



Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions needs volunteers to document, measure and photograph historic buildings in the Caribbean. Throughout the Caribbean we find many deteriorated historic structures. Other historic and architecturally valuable buildings are being torn down and replaced by more modern buildings. The purpose of Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions is to record and document these buildings and structures. Our effort adds information about styles, history, and architecture of the Caribbean. And more importantly, we hope our work will encourage the preservation of important architectural and cultural heritage.

Online Life and Business consulting - Онлайн Бизнес-консультации и Консультации по Жизненным вопросам


Online Life and Business consulting at Nicolae Cirpala
Онлайн Бизнес-консультации и Консультации по Жизненным вопросам



Luhwahwa Youth Development Foundation (LUYODEFO) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that provides support to marginalized communities across the Rwenzori region of western Uganda.

The formation of LUYODEFO in 2003 was out of deep aspiration by a group of motivated youth to respond to the plight of children, youth, women, and men impacted greatly by the war and other detriments, such as HIV/AIDS, particularly in the Rwenzori region in western Uganda. The idea was to create a platform for empowering rural resource communities to contribute to sustainable livelihoods among the local, underprivileged communities, especially in their social, health, and economic well-being.

LUYODEFO is committed to ending social exclusion and discrimination; creating networks for children, youth, and women; increasing access to development services; and empowering all people to reach their potential and take responsibility for their development. We use very flexible approaches with a strong emphasis on active participation from our beneficiaries and their skills and talents.

In order to fulfill our mandate and pursue our objectives, we are implementing various interlinked and overlapping projects for which seeking for volunteers to assist! The available placement opportunities include;-

(a). Blogger/Writer
Volunteers are needed to document LUYODEFO activities with blog posts, non-fiction stories, interviews, and photos. The volunteer should also be willing to use these materials to promote LUYODEFO through social media as well.

Materials: Laptop, DSLR Camera

(b). Photographer/Videographer
Volunteers are needed to take photos, film videos to document LUYODEFO’s community programs. The volunteer should also be willing to use these materials to market and promote LUYODEFO, and can go further to use the materials to raise funds.

Materials: Laptop, DSLR Camera, Video Camera

(c). Financial Coach
Volunteers are needed to teach women’s groups social and financial skills such as personal development, savings, goal setting, budget, spending and bookkeeping. Knowledge of how to use technology particularly mobile phones for transparency and safety is important

Materials: Pencils, notebooks, solar-powered calculators

(d). Librarian / Reading Coach
Volunteers are required to organize a community library (proper cataloguing and classification of books) and take the initiative to open up the library room for local children daily while helping to organize and conduct reading camps for primary students.

Materials: Elementary reading level books, funds for books and computers and software.

(e). Sports Coach
Volunteers are needed to coordinate and coach games and practices for young people. Teach rules of the game, teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Materials: Sports equipment (ex: balls and nets)

(f). Construction Instructor
Provide instruction and technical advice on constructing varies low-cost permanent structures for guardians (grandmothers), schools and health centres such as houses, toilets and hand-washing stations. Involve locals in the construction and make sure they can do it on their own once volunteers have left.

Materials: Funds for a house/ toilets/ hand-washing stations





PADRI is an acronym of Projects Appraisal and Development Research International. It is a comprehensive youth and community development initiative designed to identify the needs of different communities through its comprehensive research and mobilization skills to enable it undertake viable and sustainable development projects. It also addresses several key issues facing young people such as teenage pregnancy, adolescence drug users, gangs, youth succumbing to various addictions, violence and other social vices. PADRI considers the elements of youth’s lives such as family structures, neighbourhoods, lack of home, peer groups who conspire to create negative environment and limit their choices but, PADRI has realized that thorough its well planned programmes, many young people are able to overcome what others may consider ‘risky’ homes, lives and environments and succeed at school as community members and as members of developed society. PADRI’s MISSION To bring a society that cares within, community development, cultural heritage and related studies together for a common purpose of socio-economic empowerment through friendliness to identify the needs that affects young people around us and act upon the fulfillment of their identified needs. AREAS OF INTEREST: Agriculture, education, environment, energy and youth. Our main goal is to empower young people on real sustainable development. Our model is a social entrepreneurship approach to community empowerment, job and wealth creation through capacity building by training and exchange of information. We also document the success stories on projects supported by our organization in partnership with our development partners. Our Approach: · Promoting income generating activities and micro enterprises opportunities for the youth and enhance the establishment of a youth friendly micro finance/ facilities/institution; · Facilitate the development of youth communication strategy such as website and emails; Promote a local and international youth exchange program to facilitate effective sharing of ideas, experiences and best practices; Carry out research on socio-cultural issues affecting the youth. We are unable to accept volunteers with an offending background.



ETHIO USA TOURS that has been in business for the past 15 years. We are US based company which has recruited the best experienced agents and is run by two experienced directors who have established themselves in the tourism industry. The core of our business is inbound to the USA and outbound to Africa and have staff who divide their time between Africa and US office. We have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We have never compromised on the quality and the services provided to the customer. We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with our tours at a very competent price. We have excellent staffs who will guide you with their best ideas by keeping in constant touch with your company and informing about African expedition.

Please feel free to keep in touch with us about any of your business related requirements/queries. Please note that we also specialize in Cultural and volunteer traveling activities in different part of Africa. We would like to offer our service to your company / Organization. Our supervisor will contact you for further discussion at a time convenient to you.



ROSE began in 1981, fuelled by the determination of a local man, Jeevan Lal Verma, to try to tackle the many problems he saw being experienced in his local community. Starting initially with a school, to provide education to the children of the more deprived families in the area. The organisation soon expanded, developing its Ghandian aims of promoting equality for men and women of differing castes in order to raise the quality of life for all. In 1988 the organisation began to receive volunteers who have provided their skills and services and in return benefited from the cultural experience of immersion in rural Indian life. Volunteers are treated as family members and help in the fields and with various household tasks as well as teaching English every morning to the children who now come to school at Mr Verma's house. Past projects have included repairs to homes damaged in the earthquake of 1999, the construction of an earthquake proof house, the repairing/replacing of a water pipeline for the local hospital, expanding and developing the tree nursery ( to counter deforestation), and the construction of an outhouse for cattle. Project work is continually being devised and is implemented when funds allow. Volunteer involvement in planning and managing are welcome from those unskilled learners and those who have skills in relevant areas. Currently ROSE is seeking to complete repairs to local homes, build a new Cob Earth building, repair/replace water pipelines, expand and develop the tree nursery. Practical soap stone manual mining experience. Volunteers who come to ROSE are able to help the local community and experience the local culture. By participating in various projects initiated by ROSE, volunteers can meet and interact with members of the community, encouraging cultural exchange and increasing global understanding. As a non-governmental organisation, the key problem for us has always been funding. Volunteer work can involve fundraising whilst staying in India, and some volunteers continue to fundraise on their return home. web address = , , kanda/ volunteering india rosekanda, , ,
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Mobile- + 91 9412167186 or +91 8954868561
Email- , Email- ,

AMAIDI International


Since 2006 AMAIDI enables social organizations worldwide to get access to professional and general volunteer resources to be able to meet their global challenges.

Therefore we inspire and mobilize individuals, companies and universities to engage themselves locally or online, either with their skills (pro bono) or their work force (hands-on).

Amaidi International links overseas and local volunteers with local communities they want to support via building capacity of the local organizations that serve these communities such as non-governmental organizations, schools, hospitals, care-homes and social enterprises.

Amaidi International also partners with responsible travel organizations in the countries we work in, so that tourists are offered a different way of getting in touch with the soul of a country. This also allows opportunities to the local communities visited, such as earning respect for their culture and income towards their livelihood.

Amaidi International acknowledges that money, spent in the right way according to the real needs of a local community, can be a boon for the urban and rural poor, enabling them to place the first steps on the road to a better life, away from poverty and its ugly faces such as chronical illness, un-employment, lack of access to quality education and political empowerment.

Africa Sustainable Tourism Care Foundation


Africa Sustainable Tourism Care Foundation provides opportunities for skilled and non-skilled volunteers to help make a difference in Uganda. If you would like to work abroad as a volunteer in Uganda, you’ve come to the right place, as our team is experienced in matching the right people to the right projects. We offer a variety of educational and authentic volunteer abroad experiences - wildlife safaris, rural community insights, cultural immersion programs and volunteer abroad programs including teaching, medical, sports, entrepreneurship, community development and internship opportunities. Join this extraordinary adventure and embark on the most meaningful vacation of your lifetime.

Jamaica International Projects


We are a family run travel business located in Jamaica. We arrange meaningful trips for travellers who are seeking to make a positive impact while they gain full immersion into the Jamaican culture.

Our programs include volunteer programs, internships, faculty led study abroad programs and service learning trips, and we cater to individuals, families and groups. You may join us any time you desire, as we operate 24 hours, 365 days per year.

Some volunteer programs we offer include teaching, childcare, construction, medical, conservation, teaching a foreign language and more. We also arrange tours and cultural immersion activities to help volunteers experience all that Jamaica has to offer.



Art in Tanzania has provided volunteering/internship services in Tanzania for over 15 years. It has about 300+ participants arriving every year. Art in Tanzania receives volunteers and interns from all over the world.

We focus on education, social work, medical and health, social media, arts & music, medial, marketing, environmental sports coaching, and HIV/AIDS awareness and Film making programs among some other tasks. Art in Tanzania has placements in Dar Es Salaam, Moshi in Kilimanjaro and in Zanzibar.

We are self-sustainable NGO and raise funds from our safari and tour operations, film making and music and also from Fair Trade operations.

Our target groups are village people living in poverty but also public common depending on the tasks.



Are you interested in volunteering abroad and looking for cheap/affordable volunteer projects and working in marginalised communities in Africa? RVO offers the most affordable volunteer projects across Ghana as compared to other local and international volunteer agencies . Safety of our volunteers remains one of our main priority since the inception of the RVO .Our hostfamilies are well trained and has the experience of at least 3 years of hosting international volunteers.
Kindly visit our website at or you can e-mail us at for more details.

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