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Cameroonian Action for Aids Welfare and Return Home (CAAWRHO) is a registered charity in UK under the Registration No: 1115448 which aims to alleviate asylum seekers and refugees from Africa and Cameroon in particular living in the UK. Our team of expects provide advice, support and information on education and training, employment, sponsorship, integration with Communities, health and nutrition and income generation etc. CAAWRHO was founded in 2006 by a group of Cameroonians living in the UK. CAAWRHO Trust was established in 2006 for public benefit in United Kingdom. We work with local authorities in UK and abroad to identify orphan children up to the age of 12 in Cameroon who have no visible means of support. Many of these children are victims of the scourge HIV/ AIDS that is taking a terrible toll throughout Cameroon, asylum seekers and refugees from Africa living in UK particularly those from French speaking African Countries. By relieving such persons who are in need of education and training, employment, income generation, poverty and sickness. We provide advice, support and information. We also respond to disasters and emergencies, CAAWRHO promotes sustainable economic and social development by working with local communities.

African Women Welfare (AWOW)


The African Women Welfare (AWOW) is a new charity based in London Harrow

MISSION: To enable the integration of French-speaking and Lingala Africans in London Borough of Harrow into the British society.

SCOPE: The scope is to assist French and Lingala-speaking African immigrants in London Borough of Harrow and Harrow's surrounding areas by:

a). empowering them and; b). helping them to break barriers.

Barriers: Language barriers, employment barriers, health and social barriers, citizens' participation barriers.

The main objetives of the work of AWOW are:

A). To assist clients in the following areas:

1. Economic Integration: assist access to work and educational opportunities.

2. Social Integration: assist with overcoming language barriers and facilitating familiarization with the British culture and system.

3. Health & Welfare Integration: assisst with understanding how the heal and housing system work and how to respect the system

B). To empower women through training and confidence building programmes (the Breaking Barriesrs Training Programme).

C).To help to break down the isolation and to provide a community of support for women and their families in order to minimize depression and mental illness.



NGOabroad is a unique service that helps people enter international humanitarian work, in addition to providing frugal, customized international volunteer options.

This is a condensation of our International Volunteering & Internship Opportunities for 2016


INDIA: Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy for kids with Disabilities


UGANDA: Human Rights Education

NEPAL: Trafficking

SRI LANKA: Trauma Counseling after Atrocities of Civil War

KENYA: Counseling Sexual Abuse - Social Work or Psychology

INDIA: Geriatric Social Work


MONGOLIA: Emerging Civil Society

NEPAL: Public Interest Law -> Democracy Building

UGANDA: Community Organizing & Women

RWANDA: International Development

COSTA RICA & ECUADOR; TANZANIA & RWANDA: Micro-finance & Small Enterprise Development


UGANDA: Secondary School


GHANA, INDONESIA & COSTA RICA: Agriculture & Ecology. Environmental.

TANZANIA, NEPAL, KENYA: Water & Sanitation


THAILAND & ECUADOR: Dance, Music, Theatre to work with kids with Disabilities


INDONESIA: Wildlife Rescue

These are volunteer internship positions. Applications accepted on a rolling basis. No end date.

Interested? Please READ the NGOabroad website. then answer Questionnaire and embed with resume and email to



CCIVS was created in 1948 under the aegis of UNESCO as an international non-governmental organisation responsible for the coordination of voluntary service world-wide. CCIVS has an associate status with the UNESCO and is an elected member of the NGO Liaison committee. CCIVS is charged with networking and international representation of IVS, training and capacity building, communication and campaigns.

Its 200 member organisations implement voluntary programmes in the fields of sustainability and environment, peace and human rights, poverty reduction and health promotion, active participation and social inclusion, cultural heritage and diversity. These programmes are generally carried out through workcamps or mid to long term volunteering, consisting of a national or an international group working on a common project.

Please note that workcamps and longer-term projects are not organised directly by CCIVS, and that we do not recruit volunteers directly. These activities are carried out by CCIVS member organisations who undertake the recruitment. The full list of CCIVS members can be found on our website.



We are currently accepting applications for several volunteer positions in Agona Swedru, Ghana. Other countries include Nepal, Republic of Congo and Senegal.

Esengo Global LLC is a social enterprise based in Virginia. The company's offering spans from public health consulting services including staff training and social campaigns, to also focusing on sending teams of volunteers and supplies overseas.

Our Esengo Global Volunteer Program is set to address the issue of health structure and resource deficiencies in developing countries. If you like new adventures, challenges and want to make a difference, contact us. Ultimately, we believe that providing assistance can take every shape and form.



Clann Sona - In 1990, just after the revolution in Romania, our niece went to work in an orphanage there. The ages of the children ranged from babies up to seven, some had disabilities or were blind. 70 out of 200 children had AIDS. There was heating and water for one hour per day and very little food, medicine, nappies, or baby milk. We appealed for nappies, creams, food etc. and got a great response. The first load was delivered in 1992 and, with the help and support of schools, churches and chapels; over 500 tonnes of aid have gone to orphanages, special needs units, various hospitals and villages. We have to meet the costs of £3000 each trip and have sent over £10,000 to foundations, Special Needs Clubs and the School for the Blind in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Our Local Council donated a vehicle to collect donations of goods. The running costs for this and rents for premises are covered by collections, sale of goods in our shop and individual donations, mostly via Gift Aid. We support a Foundation in Cluj which is housing, training and re-habilitating orphans from the institutions to give them a chance of starting an independent and self-supporting life. In addition to the work in Romania, we help any area where need is identified, in Europe and Africa and victims of abuse or poverty in our area of Scotland VIRTUAL VOLUNTEERING: We would welcome any help in the Virtual Volunteering project which WWV is introducing at present. This could consist of searching for grant funders on the internet, obtaining email and postal addresses for possible donors of goods, writing to these donors, preparing a newsletter for us to distribute, etc. All our funds are used for transport, fuel and ferries - nothing is used for administration as volunteers do our work. BT, North and South Lanarkshire Councils have donated all office equipment. We prefer not to accept volunteers with an offending background, as donated goods can include medical supplies and could be dangerous in the wrong hands.



iVolunteer is a social enterprise that promotes volunteering. Our mission is to bring volunteers and organisations together to share time, skills and passion to promote India's social development.

We achieve our mission through a large network of individuals, NGOs, corporate organisations, initiatives and a pan India presence with offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Pune.

Our Impact Areas include Education, Environment, Gender Equality, Health, Human Rights, Disability, Child Youth and Elderly people Welfare, Poverty Alleviation and Active Citizenship.

We hope you find the inspiration you need to take a step forward because your skills can truly change lives.

iVolunteer offers the following programmes:

iVolunteer Centres facilitate volunteering in their regions by enabling individual and corporate volunteers to share their time, skills and passion with credible urban development organizations, alongside raising volunteer awareness, creating volunteer projects and enhancing organizations’ capacities to manage volunteers.

iVolunteer Overseas provides a unique opportunity for professional Indians to share their skills to fight poverty beyond India, while widening their understanding of international perspectives on development, for a better support of India in the future. iVolunteer Overseas is presented in partnership with VSO, a leading international volunteering organisation.

International Volunteer Programme (IVP) enables international volunteers to share their time and skills in India, alongside gaining an understanding of the development challenges faced in India.

India Fellow is a 13 month experiential learning program that aims to prepare young, talented leaders who have the empathy, skills and determinationto create social good. India Fellows go through a deep exposure to India's broader realities, understanding the challenges and opportunities presented in diverse environments.

Whiteboard supports NGOs with access to professional expertise in areas such as marketing, HR, Financial planning, strategic planning, governance, fundraising, and communication, helping them achieve greater efficiency.

iVolunteer Awards identify the champions leading the volunteering movement in India, recognise the contribution of volunteers and organisations that enable volunteering, and aim to celebrate; reward and promote volunteering in India. The Awards share stories that 'inspire by example' thus creating an environment that will encourage more people to volunteer.

Your Skills can Change lives; log on to



Deeply concerned over the non-violent approach through education in its broadest sense, the International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP) urges the creation of a new breed of scientists, philosophers, parents, students, all educators, and especially leaders who are inspired with the vision of restoring world peace. IAEWP's mission is to contribute to the improvement of man's ability to live at peace, to educate world citizens for peaceful co-existence and cooperation so that all people may have free access to the achievement of science and civilization. We plan to set up a countervailing force to war, to marshall those forces for peace that now lie latent in every human heart. With the unique participation of enlightened and determined citizens, we can initiate and further promote those projects and activities needed to light up the pathway to world peace. Our major focus will be to plan ventures in international cooperation that would emphasise technology as it can benefit the entire human race and as the alternative to war. IAEWP was founded in Oslo, Norway in 1970, by a group of educators who are socially conscious and shared the same vision and concern over the increasingly violent culture worldwide. IAEWP is now has chapters in over 100 countries, with consultative status at many United Nations agencies and since 1987 is a designated Peace Messenger of the United Nations. We aim to promote international understanding and world peace through education; to protect the environment against all forms of pollution; to safeguard the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and to promote nuclear disarmament and demilitarization. Volunteers will be technical advisors and or help with administration. Volunteers are encouraged to help and manage projects by doing what they feel is the best, so that we can achieve our goals. We can accept volunteers with an offending background depending on the offence. Each case assessed individually.



The Church Mission Society (CMS) is a mission community committed to sharing Jesus and changing lives, existing to equip and support people in mission service and share resources for mission work. CMS was established in 1799, and has developed working partnerships with Asian, African, Middle Eastern and East European churches, sending and receiving personnel to share in and learn from each other's mission. The Encounter programme offers a Tailor Made Programme to help church, youth, University groups to organise and prepare for cross cultural short term visits. We understand that each group will have their own story, strengths and needs so we offer a flexible service from offering training for Team Leaders, Breifing and De-briefing of teams, organsing the whole visit, practical advice and connecting groups people with people and projects over the world. CMS also offer ReSource weekend training courses focussing on ‘Creating Church in the Emerging Culture’ various times throughout the year. CMS Gap years and individual placements can also be arranged if that is an area of calling for you. Volunteers with an offending background may be accepted. Each case is assessed separately.



Médecins Sans Frontières MSF (Doctors without Borders) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, healthcare exclusion and natural disasters. MSF combines the provision of emergency medical care with a commitment to speaking out about the suffering people endure and the obstacles encountered in providing assistance.

MSF is a not-for-profit organisation that was founded by doctors and journalists in 1971. Today, MSF is a worldwide movement with 19 national offices and an international coordination office in Geneva, Switzerland.

MSF’s core work is in providing emergency medical assistance to the most vulnerable people in crisis due to armed conflict.

MSF also provides medical care to help people survive in catastrophic situations where communities and health structures may be overwhelmed. MSF provides assistance during epidemics, following natural disasters, and to people who are excluded from healthcare.

When MSF witnesses serious acts of violence against or neglect of individuals or groups, we may speak out publicly based on eyewitness accounts, medical data and experience. We also give a voice to those who have witnessed such acts .

MSF is an independent and self-governed organisation. Our actions are guided by medical ethics and the principles of neutrality and impartiality. MSF offers assistance to people based only on need and irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation.

MSF strives to ensure that it has the power to evaluate medical needs freely, to access populations without restriction and to control the aid it provides directly, giving priority to those in most grave danger. MSF does not take sides in armed conflict and demands unhindered access to patients and the space it needs to carry out emergency medical interventions. In addition MSF only accepts private donations and never accepts funds from parties directly involved in any conflict or medical emergency that MSF is dealing with.

The work of MSF is carried out by thousands of national and international health professionals, logistical and administrative staff. Together they manage projects in approximately 65 countries worldwide.

MSF recruits medical and non-medical volunteers to work in its projects. All of these people bring professional abilities, practical experience, as well as a commitment to and concern for the people they help.

More details



Make Every Woman Count (MEWC) is a young women-led organisation committed to actively promoting and advocating for the empowerment and rights of African women and girls and to raise awareness of the African women's Decade. The MEWC website aims to be a comprehensive online resource to support the empowerment of African women and girls. Make Every Woman Count focuses on 6 priority areas that are vital to women's rights and gender equality: Human Rights of Women, Women, Peace & Security, Violence Against Women, Political Participation & Leadership, Economic Empowerment, HIV/AIDS & Reproductives Health.


Make Every Woman Count's mission is to provide accessible, timely and accurate information, resources and tools to support and strengthen the work of African women's rights advocates, grassroots, and activists to effectively promote the economic, political and social rights of African women and girls; and to inspire and support young women to be the future generation of African leaders.


Make Every Woman Count's vision is a world where African women and girls are empowered to fully participate in the economic, political and social life of the continent. MEWC believes that the empowerment of women and girls will lead to real participatory democracy and social justice for all, hence peace and sustainable development, food security and better healthcare which will benefit the whole continent.



Fidesco is an international NGO which sends volunteers throughout the world to developed and under developed countries to place their skills at the service of development projects and humanitarian projects. Project missions include among other fields: social work, teaching, medical, agricultural, construction, education, formation etc.



CERT International is a non-profit humanitarian organisation that provides short-term opportunities, usually lasting about two weeks, to various parts of the world. The volunteers become instruments of charitable assistance to hurting, suffering and displaced persons. CERT sends medical/dental teams assisted by lay volunteers into remote areas of the world. The basic philosophy of CERT is to go where there is little, if any, help available to the people. CERT teams go at the request of missionaries, indigenous pastors, other non-profit organisations that have a permanent presence in a country, national ministries of health, and occasionally corporations such as Chevron and others needing medical assistance. CERT also sends a limited number of construction teams and water well-drilling teams. Volunteers with an offending background may be accepted - each case reviewed independently.



EngineerAid is an international charity working to provide remote solutions to engineering and technology problems in the less economically developed countries by providing a platform to engineers to collaborate and solve problems. EngineerAid works in over 33 countries world wide along with other partner organisations around the world, ranging from Government departments to NGOs and leading social enterprises. The use of our services is as far-reaching as the need of technological support and innovation in every sector, including, but not limited to health, education, transport, agriculture, energy, water, sanitation and construction. The engineering technologies involved within these sectors include electronic, mechanical, electrical and clinical amongst others. Our vision is to be in direct communication and collaboration with engineers across the globe to advocate self-help and long-term sustainability of the expert knowledge and skills provided. We aim to provide a service to aid development, with open access, giving simple, direct and timely advice, working independently and in collaboration with other NGOs. Our mission is to create a global community together with people in developing countries and engineers across the world for the sharing of expert knowledge As a team we promote the values of honesty, humanity, passion and enthusiasm for what we do. Our approach is proactive, always ethical, and eager to face new challenges in the sharing of expert knowledge. We display an apolitical attitude, keeping ourselves committed to the cause of social development. VIRTUAL VOLUNTEERING: All opportunities are based online. We may be able to accept volunteers with an offending background.



Kaknock Foundation is a voluntary non sectarian; non profit making Young People’s Civil Society Organisation, well organized, ready and committed to serve.

We receive special training from our partners, stockholders and professionals that enhance young people’s ability to recognise, respond and recover from major community health hazards. We also seek to create safe and happy lives for young people.

We bring high technology to young entrepreneurs and struggle to develop social and economical activities.

We believe that all people are positive beings by fostering joy, trust, honesty, teamwork, love, peace and encouragement. Therefore we do our best through our programem activities. They are summarised as follows:

• Inter community youth dialogue

• Volunteer opportunities across Africa

• Child youth grass root center

• Entrepreneurship and sustainable development


Our fundamental belief is founded on honor, dignity and respect for young people.

We look at a positive and comprehensive approach to creating a social and safe environment where unhealthy behavior and morals will have no appeal.


Our key goal is supporting, encouraging and nurturing the growth of young people as they enjoy a healthy life.


My choice to behavior change


We aim at raising the health of the community as a whole, giving young people the first priority.

Mission statement

Pursuing goals without religious, tribal, gender and personal bias through helping young people at village grass roots access quality health care and living regardless of religion, language and race.

Our Vision

It is our responsibility to reach the affected regions especially young people at the moment of crisis in the most efficient and effective way.

Produce permanent solutions with permanent projects as a way of eliminating poverty and to establishing social justice.


• Analyzing factors underlying the strong partnership established by the organisation with its allies.

• Helping young people make a personal commitment to abstaining from all unhealthy behaviour that may expose them to physical, mental and psychological disorders.

• Empowering small scale businesses for young people in terms of entrepreneurship as they share and work alongside each other.

• Advocating children’s rights and addressing violence against children.

• Creating public awareness on Child Health and sermon appropriate help to young peoples challenges and problems

Organizational core value

Young people are not junk but a correct foundation for self esteem.

Therefore, the inner child keeping in touch with the playfulness, simplicity, innocence, trust and self worthiness is encouraged by the foundation. It’s ethical for the foundation to create an environment where every one can feel valued and wanted.

Volunteer and “Leave more than a footprint".

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