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Volunteer Latin America provide free and low-cost work abroad opportunities in Central and South America. We aim to connect volunteers to some of the best grassroots projects in the environmental and humanitarian sectors.

The environmental projects we offer are as varied and interesting as you might imagine, ranging from forestry to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. A multitude of other opportunities exist in a diverse range of species, habitats and locations. As well as offering a vast range of environmental projects, we offer volunteers the opportunity to help the economically, socially and politically disadvantaged people of the region by providing a wide variety of humanitarian work. There are opportunities to get involved in child welfare, community development, education and health programmes.

The projects we offer either require the volunteer to make a small financial contribution (participation fee), are free but volunteers are responsible for covering their own living expenses, or provide complimentary accommodation and food.

Projects vary in length from one week up to a full year. Most of the projects we offer are from one month to three months; however, there are opportunities to volunteer for shorter or longer periods of time.

Because we help hundreds of grassroots organisations find people willing to help them achieve their objectives, we support environmental conservation and local community development in the region. Without the support and commitment of volunteers many of these organisations would be unable to carry out their vital work.

One World 365


Search rewarding volunteering programs worldwide with One World 365 where you can help communities, wildlife and the environment.



Para La Tierra is a non-profit conservation organisation based in Paraguay at Reserva Natural Laguna Blanca. We are focused on the protection of fragile habitats in Paraguay through scientific research and community outreach and invite volunteer to help us in our mission.

You can join in at any time on any one of our ongoing projects which could be anything from monkeys, to frogs, to fish, to beetles. Or we'll help you to design your own project - it's up to you! You'll meet people from all over the world, all with an interest in nature, and you might even learn a bit of Spanish. If you don't speak Spanish don't worry, we speak English at the research station. You will also get the chance to see a bit of Paraguayan culture, try the cuisine, and have a go at Guarani, the native language. You'll also have access to wifi so that you can tell your friends and family how you're doing.

The Volunteer Coordinator will give you a welcome presentation and orientation soon after your arrival. This will include a brief introduction to Laguna Blanca and Para La Tierra, health and safety training, explanation of rules and regulations and a tour of the area.

You can make an important contribution to the ongoing work at Para La Tierra and you may even see your name in print if any of your research/photographs are published!



South America Inside is an intercultural management agency and was founded in 2003. We promote intercultural, linguistic and educational exchange programs throughout Central and South America. We arrange and manage personalized programs such us

• Internships

• Work and Travel

• Volunteer Work

• Language Courses

• Wildlife and Nature projects

• Farm Stays

Our programs are for all people - whether students, professionals or retirees - who want to live a real life experience that goes beyond the ordinary rather than explore Latin America as a mere tourist!

Whether you want to work in the social sector helping children or the elderly, help defenseless animals, work in conservation efforts via environmental and wildlife projects, or teach English to local communities, we have a South America Inside project that suits you.

JOURNEY WITH US PROGRAMME formerly Experience Exchange Programme (EEP)


The Journey With UU programme formerly known as The Experience Exchange Programme (EEP) is a self-funding volunteer programme run by Us, USPG - United Society Partners in the GospelG. It offers opportunities for volunteers resident in Britain and Ireland to spend between two months and a year experiencing a different culture and sharing in the life of the church overseas.
Placements are arranged through the USPG world church connections of partner churches. Placements are negotiated independently for each volunteer, taking into account personal preferences, skills and background.
Volunteers have taught in schools and vocational training centres; worked on agricultural, building and health projects; assisted with administration; and supported children’s and youth work, as well as other roles according to the needs and requirements of the placement and the local church. Our aim is to assist volunteers to develop their gifts and deepen their understanding of global development issues in relation to their faith. The scheme has been in existence for over 60 years and run by USPG - United Society Partners in the Gospel a 315 year old Mission Agency.



NGOabroad is a unique service that helps people enter international humanitarian work, in addition to providing frugal, customized international volunteer options.

This is a condensation of our International Volunteering & Internship Opportunities for 2016


INDIA: Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy for kids with Disabilities


UGANDA: Human Rights Education

NEPAL: Trafficking

SRI LANKA: Trauma Counseling after Atrocities of Civil War

KENYA: Counseling Sexual Abuse - Social Work or Psychology

INDIA: Geriatric Social Work


MONGOLIA: Emerging Civil Society

NEPAL: Public Interest Law -> Democracy Building

UGANDA: Community Organizing & Women

RWANDA: International Development

COSTA RICA & ECUADOR; TANZANIA & RWANDA: Micro-finance & Small Enterprise Development


UGANDA: Secondary School


GHANA, INDONESIA & COSTA RICA: Agriculture & Ecology. Environmental.

TANZANIA, NEPAL, KENYA: Water & Sanitation


THAILAND & ECUADOR: Dance, Music, Theatre to work with kids with Disabilities


INDONESIA: Wildlife Rescue

These are volunteer internship positions. Applications accepted on a rolling basis. No end date.

Interested? Please READ the NGOabroad website. then answer Questionnaire and embed with resume and email to



Rachel’s Development Programme is a National NGO working in Gatundu North, Gatundu South, Ruiru, Thika District and Kiambu County in provision of free basic health facilities with a special emphasis on health and sustainable development. The organization was registered in July 2003 under the NGO Act, with an aim of poverty alleviation, health and food security.

The organization sits on 10 acres of land with River Karimeno on the bottom overlooking coffee plantations. It is located on a Highway which is accessible to many people from various locations.

The organization has wide experience in the provision of medical services, having held many free medical camps in collaboration with Ministry of Health. Rachel's Development Programme has premises that can be used as a hospital.

We practice Agri-Business and all fresh food comes from the farm. It has a very good environment which links Agro-Tourists to other farmers, organized groups, community and internship students.

Our Mission

To reach out and rescue the less fortunate children, like orphans, street children, abused children and children infected and affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and reintegrate back to the community after the environment where they are supposed to settle is sensitized and made better for their livelihood.


1. Provision of homely environment to the neglected and vulnerable children in need.

2. Education for life through formal and informal training in order to make them self reliant.

3. Promote their identity and personality to make them complete people.

4. Provision of love, care and counselling.

5. To re-integrate back to community and take after care services.

6. Empower their guardians in order for them to cater for their children when they leave Rachels’s children home from 18 yrs and below.

CHURCH MISSION SOCIETY - short term mission service


A community of mission service, loving God's world and living God's way - The Call in Action. We aim to encourage people to live a mission lifestyle, equip people in mission service and share resources for mission work. Church Mission Society short term placements provide an experience of mission service alongside Christians in other cultures overseas. Immerse yourself in another culture, build relationships, learn about the global church and challenge your understanding of mission. Opportunities also provide professionals space to share skills, experience and faith where appropriate. Example opportunities: youth worker in Brazil, nursing assistant in Nepal, English teaching in Uganda, working with visually- or hearing-impaired children in Lebanon, church planting in France. Volunteers with an offending background may be accepted - each case is assessed separately.



The World Land Trust is an international conservation charity based in Halesworth, Suffolk. From the office our team manage and administrate a range of overseas projects involving land purchase and protection. With our international project partners we have saved over 500,000 acres of endangered habitat. We support projects in Argentina, Armenia, Bolivia, Borneo, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Mexico, Paraguay and Venezuela. Although our projects are global, the day to day work is conducted from our office in Halesworth and this is where most volunteers are based. The World Land Trust Volunteer Programme is currently limited to full time internships (six months placements) designed for new graduates who are pursuing a career in conservation and require first hand experience and further training in conservation management. The Internships are available on a rolling basis and information can be found on our website at



YOUTH WITH A MISSION is an international, interdenominational Christian missionary organisation working in over 170 nations worldwide. YWAM was founded in 1960 and is committed to training people to care for those in need, through short term relief and long term community development projects. Our desire for those who work with us is that they "know God and make Him known". As a volunteer on one of YWAM's short term projects, you will get the opportunity to share your Christian faith with those you meet, take part in building and development projects, work alongside permanent staff in urban community work in cities such as Amsterdam and London. You will be able to work with children in orphanages and on the streets in some of the poorest of the world's cities and communities. We need people who have a wide variety of skills from cooks to secretaries, people who are willing to have a hands on experience, to work in a team with other volunteers in order to get the job done. VIRTUAL VOLUNTEERING: Computer and IT work, Finance, Accounts and Fundaraising, Communications and PR work. Volunteers with an offending background are not accepted.



The Fellowship of Reconciliation invites you to: * join in efforts on behalf of Latin America and the Caribbean's poor majority * develop ties with groups working for nonviolent social change * contribute to intercultural understanding and respect * immerse yourself in Latin American culture * learn about the impact of US culture and politics in the region * have fun! Volunteers with an offending background are accepted.



Original Volunteers puts self-motivated individuals in touch with local organisations overseas in need of voluntary assistance. For most placements volunteers do not require experience just a commitment and a willingness to have a go. Most of the placements are considered affordable or low budget so that volunteers can work for longer than they would otherwise and make that extra difference. Occasionally there is a free placement where help is most urgently needed. Please consult our website for updates on affordable placements where you can make a difference. Original Volunteers is an ATOL registered company. Projects include: Argentina: based in Buenos Aires, volunteers go round in a team to different community projects in the slums, daycentres and hospitals. Shared volunteer accommodation. Mexico Project 1: based in Puerto Vallarta, volunteers help at orphanage with care and domestic work or at a special needs daycentre Mexico Project 2: based in Merida, volunteers teach English in and around the city Costa Rica: based close to San Jose, volunteers can volunteer as language assistants, get involved in play work at daycentres or work at the zoo as preferred. Shared volunteer accommodation. Honduras: in the Bay Islands, volunteers work at scientific research stations monitoring animal habitats and behaviour. Shared volunteer accommodation on site. Ecuador: based in Quito, volunteers teach English to disadvantaged children. Shared volunteer accommodation. Peru: based in Cuzco, volunteers get closely involved with two small family run orphanages. Shared comfortable volunteer accommodation. Brazil: based in Foz, volunteers teach English and/or work with special needs children. Shared volunteer accommodation at comfortable hostel with all usual facilities including pool. Ghana: based in a beautiful rural area about two hours from Accra, volunteers can teach English or Maths, work shadow at clinics, playwork at orphanages or shadow park rangers in the forestry department. Shared volunteer house. Kenya: based in Nairobi, volunteers get involved in daily care of babies and infants. Shared volunteer house with local staff. Kenya: based in Mombasa, volunteers teach and play at a daycentre for street kids. Shared volunteer house. South Africa: based two hours from Johannesburg, volunteers help look after monkeys at this small monkey sanctuary. Shared volunteer room on site. Thailand: based in Bangkok, volunteers assist English classes at school for disadvantaged children. Shared volunteer house. Thailand: based two hours from Bangkok, volunteers teach English at poor rural school in remote village. Shared volunteer house.



The International Volunteer Program is a program of Habitat for Humanity International that has been designed to engage people globally in our mission of eliminating poverty housing. Volunteer opportunities may become available in the following participating countries: Argentina, Armenia, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ireland, India, Kenya and Tanzania. Please visit the website to find out which positions are still open for application. You can apply for a specific international volunteer position by downloading and mailing or faxing in the application found on the HFHI website: When applying please be sure to specify the position number, and include a copy of current resume and a copy of current, valid passport. We do not currently offer non-specific positions. The positions come from direct requests and needs that our Habitat offices have internationally. For general construction volunteers, they rely mainly on local volunteers. If you are interested in this type of volunteer experience, I suggest you look at the Global Village program which organizes 1-3 week trips for groups of individuals to travel to another country and help construct Habitat houses. The website is in case you are interested. Our “special project” volunteers can work on projects and programs for an average of six months at Habitat offices ranging from finance, specialized construction, communications and resource development to training, volunteer coordination and a variety of other areas. The construction positions that arise in the IVP are usually specialized positions requiring previous or even professional construction experience. Habitat for Humanity International is a non-profit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry. The purpose and goal of Habitat for Humanity International is to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. Habitat for Humnaity International invites all backgrounds, races and religions to build houses in partnership with families in need. Relevant staff/volunteers are CRB checked. VIRTUAL VOLUNTEERING: Occasionally we have opportunities for virtual volunteers to help with translation of documents, editing and research projects.



World Service Enquiry, is the only registered charity providing expert, impartial information and advice about working and volunteering in the third world to people of any faith or none. As World Service Enquiry, Christians Abroad provides information on voluntary and paid opportunities, short or long-term in aid, development and mission programmes overseas - for skilled and qualified professionals and unskilled people. Our comprehensive 2006/7 guide, updated annually, is geared mainly to unskilled people without professional experience. It gives details about how to start a search for voluntary placements and work overseas, outlines organisations with information on development issues and international organisations who recruit volunteers. For those considering where and how they can best use their experience abroad, World Service Enquiry also provides One to One vocational career guidance. They provide a forum space to discuss your interest in working overseas and possible ways forward. E-volve is our unique internet self coaching program, written by a leading life coach to help you access your suitability to work in international development and aid. For those already qualified with some work experience we publish a monthly job magazine, Opportunities Abroad, available on subscription, which contains up-to-date vacancies (overseas and in the UK) from international and UK agencies. Alternative email address VIRTUAL VOLUNTEERING: Translators, media specialists, sales and marketing, database design and administration, fundraising. Volunteers with offending backgrounds may be accepted.



TeachAManToFish was born out of the pioneering work of the Fundación Paraguaya - a large Latin American NGO committed to poverty reduction through supporting small businesses. Working in rural settings, particularly in agriculture, proved extremely challenging. Small-scale farmers were often skilled in production yet constantly ran into financial difficulties because they lacked basic business skills. The opportunity to manage an agricultural school that had run into funding difficulties offered a way of plugging this skills gap. With no support from the state, and unpredictable funding from donors, it soon became obvious that for the school to survive as a long-term proposition it would have to be able to generate its own funds. On track for full financial self-sufficiency, and having received international recognition for the quality of education delivered, the time was right to bring these ideas before a wider audience. Teaming up with a UK group passionate about the role of education in poverty reduction, TeachAManToFish was born - and is now busy creating an international network of schools & education programs committed to sustainable approaches to tackling rural poverty. Our Vision: A world free from the extremes of absolute poverty, one in which all individuals are able to enjoy the empowering benefits of an education that meets their needs and aspirations in life. Our Mission: To broaden access for the poor to a high quality education combining vocational training and entrepreneurship by supporting institutions working in this field to increase their financial self-sufficiency. The schools we work with regularly need experienced teachers, and agricultural experts, as well as individuals with small business experience. If this sounds like you, just drop us a mail stating your availability, experience, and interests, and we'll do our best to find you an opportunity that matches your skills. Write to For interested volunteers from other careers, or with less specific skills, but who feel they've a lot to contribute there are still a number of rewarding opportunities available -



Solidarités Jeunesses organises international workcamps in France as well as in over 70 countries worldwide. They work in co-operation with partner agencies in these countries, and exchange volunteers through each other. On workcamps, volunteers work on a wide variety of projects such as conservation, protection of the environment, construction, renovation of historical sites, social and community work etc. Volunteers are expected to work for about five to six hours each day on the projects. Solidarites Jeunesses places volunteers that live in France on its own and on partner' projects. Persons living in other countries normally are required to contact partner organisations in their respective countries - when those exist.



Catholic Network of Volunteer Service (CNVS) is an organisation of nearly 200 full time, Christian faith based volunteer programmes. The programmes offer volunteers the opportunity to volunteer on a full-time basis (30+ hours/week) for as little as one week to three years. Programmes place people in numerous ministries, and in over 110 countries. We are based in the US and place volunteers in all 50 states in the US. Guiding users should check for the most current placment information on our website under Response Directory. We may have placements for volunteers with an offending background, depending on the offence, but acceptance varies between programmes.

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