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people and places - responsible volunteering


people and places, an international award winning organisation, provides well-matched, rewarding, challenging and safe experiences for volunteers and local people – with their mutual informed consent.

Volunteers’ skills and experience are matched specifically to the projects’ needs – we put the right people in the right places, at the right time.

people and places is a social enterprise and is not run for the benefit of shareholders.

At least 80% of volunteers' funds are spent in the host country – and volunteers know HOW and WHERE their money is spent.

people and places matches skills and experience to need – our role is to enable both volunteers and local communities to gain mutual benefits. Crucial to this role are our relationships with our local partners.

The planning and development of projects is through our local partners, our project management teams – people who are inspired and inspiring, and who are in and of their community – they are the ongoing link with projects and volunteers, thus maintaining sustainable development and continuity in the project.

Volunteers are fully involved in the planning of their own individual placement – we match their skills to the project’s needs; we discuss the project’s proposals with the volunteers; with mutual agreement, the volunteer’s placement is confirmed.

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One World 365


Search rewarding volunteering programs worldwide with One World 365 where you can help communities, wildlife and the environment.



Latin Link works in partnership with churches to send and receive individuals, families and teams, to and from Latin American communities, to share the love of God.

We do this through three inter-related programmes:

Step: Our renowned short-term programme for teams. Get a hands on experience of mission in Latin America, living and working alongside a local church, helping with a practical project and joining them in reaching out to their community. Apply as an individual or put together your own team. Projects last for 16 weeks each spring and 3-7 weeks in the summer.

Stride: A programme offering student placements and mission training opportunities.
Student Placements: 6-9 months suitable for language students on their year abroad or 6-8 weeks suitable for medical students requiring an elective. An opportunity to explore how your study and mission can work together to support churches and Christian projects in Latin America.
Mission Training Opportunities: Bespoke placements for individuals, married couples or families to spend 12-24 months putting their faith into practice in Latin America. Use and develop your gifts and skills while working alongside a church or Christian run project. Stride could be a career change, sabbatical, or something to pursue in early retirement. A Stride placement is a great way to explore whether cross-cultural mission is for you. A 24 month Stride is the pathway into the Stay programme.

Stay: We have over 100 members of many nationalities, working with local churches and organisations to help them meet a diverse range of spiritual and practical needs - from caring for street children, to training church leaders and supporting university students to generating employment opportunities.

Latin Link's vision is to see vibrant, Bible-believing Christian communities in every part of Latin America, impacting their neighbours, their societies and the wider world.



UNA Exchange is a registered charity. We send volunteers overseas to work on community based projects in over 60 countries worldwide. Volunteers live and work in an international group, alongside people from many different cultures on projects lasting between 2 to 3 weeks, although there are also opportunities for longer volunteering projects. Longer-term individual placements of up to a year are also available in Europe, through the fully-funded EVS (European Voluntary Service) programme. International volunteer projects are organised all year round, but the majority run during the summer months. The work involved varies widely, depending on the project, but does not usually require specific skills or qualifications. In addition to our overseas programme we also organise projects in Wales, and there are opportunities for people interested in leading projects, becoming volunteer trainers, taking part in fundraising and promotional activities or volunteering in our offices. We organise a yearly training course to prepare leaders to coordinate groups of international volunteers every Easter.



Coral Cay Conservation (CCC) is seeking assistance with marine and coral reef conservation projects throughout the Asia-Pacific and Caribbean region. Volunteers can spend from two weeks or more participating on expeditions, with monthly departures throughout the year. The aim of CCC expeditions is to help gather key ecological information for the protection and sustainable use of tropical resources, whilst simultaneously offering poverty alleviation through the provision of alternative livelihood opportunities for local communities. Current CCC projects are based in the Philippines and Montserrat and volunteers require no previous experience.

Since 1986, thousands of CCC volunteers have helped establish numerous marine reserves and wildlife sanctuaries across the globe, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Belize Barrier Reef.



Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions needs volunteers to document, measure and photograph historic buildings in the Caribbean. Throughout the Caribbean we find many deteriorated historic structures. Other historic and architecturally valuable buildings are being torn down and replaced by more modern buildings. The purpose of Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions is to record and document these buildings and structures. Our effort adds information about styles, history, and architecture of the Caribbean. And more importantly, we hope our work will encourage the preservation of important architectural and cultural heritage.



Community Partners' Association (COPA) is a small but very active non-governmental organisation working in poor rural villages in the Dominican Republic. During the last twenty years, COPA has brought new hope to needy communities in the Dominican Republic. COPA has made a great difference in the communities it serves by building two schools to educate over 800 children, founded two health clinics, supported pupils through secondary education, organised work skills training for leavers and supported over twenty students through university. More recently COPA has been developing training and resource partnerships with local state schools. We are now experiencing former pupils returning from higher education and university to work in their community. This certainly was not possible twenty years ago, when few children attended school and those who did, left school hardly able to read and write. For many years generations of poor Haitian families have migrated to the Province of Barahona where COPA is working and two thirds of the children in the COPA schools are Haitian.

The aim of COPA is to provide the expertise and finance to help very poor communities to help themselves. The communities have therefore been heavily involved as volunteers in the construction. Work groups from the USA and the UK also regularly travel to the Dominican Republic for periods of two or three weeks to work alongside the local people on building work or in the schools. The COPA projects in the Dominican Republic are overseen by a small team of expatriate staff, comprising of the Project Director, administrator, health advisor and education adviser. Their work is to support the Dominican staff in the schools and clinics. Guidance and support are provided to the team in the DR by UK and US committees. These committees are also responsible for fundraising for the organisation through a child sponsorship programme and small grant applications. Short-term volunteers are also welcome for periods of less than one year. They may spend time as classroom assistants or teach English to the older students. Short-term volunteers also greatly help with the visiting work groups. There may also be administrative work to be done for those with computer skills. COPA is a Christian organisation and expects volunteers to work in sympathy with its aims. Applications from qualified primary teachers or qualified nurses are particularly welcome for two-year contracts. All offers of voluntary positions will be subject to a criminal records check.

We currently are looking to recruit an Education Advisor Please contact for details or look at



Real Gap is a leading gap travel organiser offering a wide and diverse range of programmes. These include: - volunteering, conservation, adventure travel and expeditions, sports, teaching English, round the world, paid working holidays and learning. Real Gap has expanded the original concept of “life-changing” travel opportunities, and now offers around 500 projects and gap year travel ideas covering 45 countries over six continents. The Real Travel portfolio includes Real Gap, Real Sport Experience and Gap Year for Grown Ups. No longer under 30? Our sister company Gap Year for Grown Ups is a travel company in the UK that specialises in rewarding career breaks and voluntary work for the over 30's market.



Ocean Spirits is looking for experienced research assistants. This role will provided hands-on experience with the world's largest sea turtle. Research assistants are not just observers but active members of the research team. Volunteers will help with the reduction of illegal egg poaching activities, the presence of nightly research patrols has reduced this threat by more than 60%. Volunteers also contribute to the preservation of Grenada’s turtles through local educational events and increase community participation. The very presence of research assistants working on the programme generates local interest in marine turtles and the significance of Grenada’s coastline to these species. Volunteers duties include - night patrols of the main leatherback nesting site, flipper tagging of unmarked females, data collection - carapace (shell) measurements, egg counts, nest relocation, morning surveys (on foot) of adjacent beaches, nest excavations, summer camp organisation and participation and carnival 'Turtle Mas' camp - costume design and creation. Ocean spirits is a registered, non-profit marine conservation organisation based in Grenada. From its inception in 1999, Ocean Spirits have focused primarily on the conservation of marine turtles found throughout Grenada’s coastal waters and beaches. As a member and the county co-ordinator of the Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Network (WIDECAST) for Grenada, we work at a national and regional level, with support and expert advice which assures we are continually striving to meet universal, conservational objectives and make valid contributions to the international scientific community. Working together with local communities, government departments and international and regional organisations, Ocean Spirits are working to ensure that the spectacle of a nesting or foraging turtle remains a key component of Grenada’s uniquely vibrant biodiversity. We are unable to accept volunteers with an offending background.

RSVP Caribbean Volunteers


RSVP Caribbean Volunteers coordinates safe, affordable, high quality needs-based programmes and projects for overseas volunteers from any country who want to give of their time, skills and resources to their chosen location. The company manages and coordinates all aspects of the volunteer's experience including, but not limited to, providing the necessary information about the programmes, projects and accommodation as well as advice on the culture, travel and volunteering requirements. Ongoing support before arrival and while volunteers are in-country is an important part of the service provided.

The focus is on the Caribbean because the socio-economic issues such as illiteracy; poor health services and facilities; inadequate access to, or, unaffordable health care; high unemployment; poverty; improper sanitation in schools and communities; lack of access to basic necessities (food, clothing and shelter); insufficient programmes for the elderly, the homeless and persons with disabilities and many other issues continue to be a challenge in Caribbean islands.

Our mission is to identify programmes and projects that are aligned to local needs and provide mutually beneficial opportunities for volunteers, communities and partners to make a real difference.

All programmes and projects are linked to the global sustainable development goals that many Caribbean islands are signatories to. These are specific local, national, regional and international priorities that are critical in improving the lives of persons. Of the seventeen (17) sustainable development goals, RSVP Caribbean through the work of its volunteers will focus on seven (7) of these goals. These are no poverty, good health and well-being, quality education, clean water and sanitation, decent work and economic growth, sustainable cities and communities and climate action. Every action or task undertaken by a volunteer is connected to a framework for short, medium and long-term improvements.

The RSVP Caribbean Volunteers Team has over 20 years combined experience in volunteer placement and working with volunteers from over 40 countries. The team members have vast cultural exposure based on their extensive international travel experience; which includes the countries of our volunteers and, of course, the Caribbean nations that will facilitate the RSVP Caribbean Volunteers experience. As a result, RSVP Caribbean has first-hand knowledge of what it means to live and work in the Caribbean; which is coupled with our sound knowledge of the Caribbean's hospitality, travel and tourism industry. RSVP Caribbean is very passionate about helping others which is an extension of the fact that we believe 100% in what we do and, as a result, have been active in volunteering on various programmes and projects for many years.



Aldeas de Paz - The Peace Villages Foundation - is a sustainable grassroots NGO based in Samana, Dominican Republic. PVF is independent from political, religious or business interests and maintains independence by completely funding and operating its programs with the practical and monetary contributions of volunteers.

OUR MISSION: We support disadvantaged communities and their members in the process of achieving sustainable development, social justice and peace. We promote the "Culture of Peace" through enriching cross-cultural exchange aal and environmental fields and assist our beneficiaries to develop their potential and improve their own lives.

OUR VISION: We share the values of peace, justice and tolerance, fundamentally focusing on the empowerment of young people while valuing local knowledge and working with cultural sensitivity. Our Volunteer opportunities are truly the microcosm of a world where people join together giving priority to improving life for humanity and promoting a Culture of Peace as a practical way to both prevent and resolve conflict.

OUR VOLUNTEERS: Aldeas de Paz is exclusively financed and operated by volunteers. Volunteering with us is a great opportunity to work side by side with locals, learn new skills, study Spanish and immerse oneself in the Latin culture.

YOUTH CARE & COMMUNITY - Help us enhance the lives of children and teenagers, help the community and preserving the beautiful Venezuelan nature. NGO MANAGEMENT AND ADMIN: Assist with the day-to-day running of a small, grassroots NGO. MULTI MEDIA PROGRAM: Assist with artistic and journalistic methods such as writing, photography, interviews, documentaries. MEDICINE AND HEALTHCARE: Experience a different way of running a medical center and expand your knowledge. DENTAL HEALTHCARE: Dentistry observation and experience opportunity. HOSPITALITY & TOURISM: Work at exotic destinations and enjoy fun-filled adventures

VOLUNTEERING WITH PEACE VILLAGES: Volunteering is a great way to experience another culture, make new friends and learn new skills. The beauty in volunteering lies in the fact that you are not simply passing through as a tourist. You are interacting with the community, building relationships and making a positive impact. It is an experience that may well change your life! Volunteers are the driving force of Peace Villages' work, both through their volunteering and through their financial contributions. Costs depend on length of stay and type of accommodation. There are three accommodation options which include: • Volunteer placement in the program/s of your choice • Accommodation • up to 12 FREE Spanish lessons every week • free use of WIFI • Placement introduction and hand-outs, supervision, regular briefings • Certificate and/or written reference upon successful completion of volunteer placement • Full support and 7 days, 24 hour back-up from our local staff • bus terminal pick-up. Our staff will welcome you to the Peace Villages home-base upon arrival - from a safe and comfortable place to stay, to unparalleled access to perspectives and insight about the local culture. For more detailed information check http://www.peacevillages.orgnd voluntary community service for people of all ages, races and nationalities. We provide additional opportunities in humanitarian, educational, recreation



Ann Foundation's mission is to empower disadvantaged children through progressive education.

Educating disadvantaged children; breaking the poverty cycle.We envision a world where every disadvantaged child has access to primary education.

The Ann Foundation is a nonprofit, non-sectarian organization committed to improving the quality of education for children/youth with disabilities around the globe. The Ann Foundation is working in India, Russia, Africa and continues to expand its missions in new areas and communities

Education creates independence that inspires confidence which brings peace.
We at Ann Foundation aspire to bring the basic right of education to all children and young people across the world because we believe that education creates a better tomorrow for everyone.Poverty, disability, gender discrimination, child labor, slavery – all are stumble blocks that keep youngsters from the mainstream education. Once out of the system they face ever increasing challenges to make it. Left behind without choice.

Disability is one of the top obstacles around the world. Over 93 million less fortunate children live with the disability. They often experience inequalities in life and have fewer opportunities to access quality education. Education brings hope to these children. Hope that they also can make it on an equal footing.
Our new projects: Empowering destitute girls in Kolkata.
Educating children who are doing child labor.
Bringing hope for the children with HIV.
Empowering young girls in Quilon Social Service Society (QSSS) in Kerala.
Hearing program for the hearing impaired children and youth in Kolkata
Teaching English & computers for the blind children in Burgur,India




Do you have experience in any of the following: project management, finance, HR, administration, logistics, IT, health services, water and sanitation, engineering or construction?

A brief introduction to Medair: Medair brings life-saving relief and rehabilitation to the most vulnerable people affected by disasters, conflict, and crisis - particularly the forgotten men, women, and children who live in difficult-to-access regions in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Medair is a non-governmental organisation (NGO), with Internationally Recruited staff and Headquarters staff who are motivated by their Christian faith to care for people in need. Our work is compassionate and practical, providing life-saving care and support which upholds the dignity and independence of every person, regardless of race, religion, or politics. Are you ready to work for a greater purpose?

Countries of Operation: Medair is currently running multisectoral relief programmes in: Afghanistan, Chad, D. R. Congo, Haiti, Madagascar, Somalia/Somaliland, South Sudan, the Syria crisis and Zimbabwe.

Project Overview: Working alongside local staff, our teams use their professional expertise to provide aid for people whose lives are at risk from political conflict and natural disasters. This is often in remote places where the infrastructure has broken down and outside relief is essential.



WorkingAbroad is an international networking service for volunteers and travellers on volunteer projects in over 150 countries worldwide. We offer a personalised service on voluntary work abroad with details on organisations that are looking for volunteers in Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, Europe and North America. WorkingAbroad Projects is non profit company, established in March 2002, which arranges and places volunteers on a variety of projects all over the world in the conservation and teaching domains in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America.



FUNDACION MAHATMA GANDHI is a not-for-profit, non-governmental and non-partisan organisation. We believe in the balanced and holistic development of people and, moreover, in the innate potential of every community to generate the necessary resourses for a growing and consistent development. We welcome all people regardless of nationality, skin color, ethnicity, age, sex, sexual orientation, language, professional or socio-economic status, physical appearance, disability, religious or political orientation, or educational level. We seek to enrich the members of our community through activities aimed at the personal, professional, intellectual, social, educational and cultural development. Our Mission: To better the quality of life of the people with whom we work, using suitable resources, in an authentic environment of continuous learning. Our Vision: Contribute hrough our activities, programs and projects, to the creation of a generation of conscientious citizens, well-educated, civic-minded, multicultal, multilingual, oriented towards the local and the global, and committed to the wholesome human and community development in Las Terrenas. . Our Work: We focus on creating access to programmes and resources that benefit children, youth, adults and families in general. We channel our energies and resources through the operation of a community library, teaching literacy and languages, providing academic support and academic preparation, enhancing self-esteem and the holistic development of individuals. We attend to key areas such as youth, health, leadership, multiculturalism, economic development, education and the environment. VIRTUAL VOLUNTEERING: Researching. We work with children and young people but we may be able to accept volunteers with an offending background depending on the offence. If the offence is related to sex abuse, drug addiction/use of felonies, then we would prefer not to accept such volunteers.

AMAIDI International


Since 2006 AMAIDI enables social organizations worldwide to get access to professional and general volunteer resources to be able to meet their global challenges.

Therefore we inspire and mobilize individuals, companies and universities to engage themselves locally or online, either with their skills (pro bono) or their work force (hands-on).

Amaidi International links overseas and local volunteers with local communities they want to support via building capacity of the local organizations that serve these communities such as non-governmental organizations, schools, hospitals, care-homes and social enterprises.

Amaidi International also partners with responsible travel organizations in the countries we work in, so that tourists are offered a different way of getting in touch with the soul of a country. This also allows opportunities to the local communities visited, such as earning respect for their culture and income towards their livelihood.

Amaidi International acknowledges that money, spent in the right way according to the real needs of a local community, can be a boon for the urban and rural poor, enabling them to place the first steps on the road to a better life, away from poverty and its ugly faces such as chronical illness, un-employment, lack of access to quality education and political empowerment.



KIDO Foundation is situated on the Northwest side of Carriacou Island, part of the Grenadines of Grenada. The area is one of the most bio diverse in the Caribbean. KIDO Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation. It aims to preserve the natural ecosystems and encourage sustainable development of the Southern Grenadines through environmental conservation activities, education and training. We carry out wildlife rescue, refuge, rehabilitation and release operations. In particular we have for years operated a Sea Turtle Monitoring, Rescue, Tag and Release programme for beach nesting and in-water turtles. We facilitate environmental, wildlife protection and conservation programmes. We deliver social and environmental youth education programmes. We promote community-based eco-tourism initiatives through the training and employment of local guides.



Volunteer Action for Peace (VAP) provide affordable volunteer opportunities worldwide from 2 weeks to 12 months, throughout the world. VAP was founded in the 1960s and exchanges an average of 150 volunteers annually with dozens of international partner organisations worldwide.

Workcamps (2-4 weeks) typically bring together a temporary community of 8-30 international volunteers from different backgrounds to provide services to local community projects. The volunteers carry out unskilled tasks that would not otherwise be possible. The practical work is only part of the main objective. The work is a tool and method to promote intercultural understanding and friendship between the volunteers and with the local community.

VAP’s Medium/Long Term Volunteering (M/LTV) Programme gives you the chance to volunteer abroad from 1 to 12 months, working in a project organised by one of the many grassroots organisations that VAP co-operates with around the world. M/LTV is not only about work, but it is also a unique experience of combining living abroad with learning a new culture and getting to know the local people, while being deeply involved with a project and its aims.



Founded in 1996 by marine ecologist Dr. Gregor Hodgson, the Reef Check Foundation is a California registered nonprofit dedicated to empowering people to save our reefs and oceans. Every year, Reef Check trains thousands of citizen scientist divers who volunteer to survey the health of coral reefs in over 90 countries and rocky reef ecosystems along the entire coast of California. The results are used to improve the management of these critically important natural resources. Reef Check programs provide ecologically sound and economically sustainable solutions to save reefs, by creating partnerships among community volunteers, government agencies, businesses, universities and other nonprofits. For more information on Reef Check please visit

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